LeBrawn Maimes - 2016 Skate for the Hills CoachAfter the end of her collegiate sports career, LeBrawn Maimes was searching for a new athletic challenge when she was invited to a roller derby practice in Gainesville, FL in August 2010. Though her skating experience was limited to wearing puppy adorned roller skates in a friend’s basement a handful of times as a child, she decided to see what roller derby was all about. Within minutes of strapping on skates, LeBrawn knew she had found her new passion and has been skating or coaching at least 5 days a week ever since.

For the first three years of her derby career, LeBrawn coached, captained and skated with the Gainesville Roller Rebels. During her time in Gainesville, she helped GRR evolve and develop from a non-WFTDA league to a WFTDA apprentice league and ultimately to become a top 60-ranked WFTDA team. She also took home the team MVP award in 2011. Following the 2013 season, LeBrawn transferred to the top 20 ranked Jacksonville Rollergirls and was selected to play on their all star charter, the New Jax City Rollers for the 2014 season. However, shortly after the 2014 season started her new job as a sport psychologist brought her to Seattle where she promptly tried out and made Rat City’s all-star squad. LeBrawn was an all star charter jammer for Rat City and head coach of the Sockit Wenches, a Rat City home team, for two seasons. LeBrawn is now a jammer and member of the coaching committee for the Charm City All Stars and Team Maryland. Additionally, LeBrawn has been selected to play in all-star challenge bouts at both the Blood and Thunder (2011) and March Radness (2013) bootcamps as a member of Team Florida against Team USA and the San Diego Derby Dolls, respectively. She is also a member of the banked-track all star team, My Little Ponies, who were Jantastic Tournament Champions in 2015 and 2016.

Previous roller derby coaching and mental conditioning clients and events include:

Charm City All Stars (Coaching committee)

Team Maryland

Sockit Wenches, Rat City home team, Head Coach (2 seasons)

Puget Sound Outcasts (MRDA)

Northwest Derby Convention

Guns N Rollers, Rose City home team

Sac City Roller Derby

Sacred City Derby Girls

Portage La Prairie

Co-coach at Carment Getsome Team Training Camp in Sacramento

Rodeo City Derby Girls

Gainesville Roller Rebels