Skate for the Hills 2016 is an adult roller derby training and social event for skaters of any gender aged 18 or older with current WFTDA or reciprocal insurance.

Skaters are encouraged to have fun while acting as responsible members of the derby community.

No glass containers are allowed in the building

Adult beverages are allowed (but not served) in moderation during and in sleep over area. Bring your own can. No hard liquor in the building, please. We will not be performing tent inspections. We will not let anyone participate in training that smells of booze or acts impaired. Generally we figure if you’re going to invest the time to come here to get this great training, you’re not going to blow it by drinking too much because you can do that at home!

You may bring your own food for snacks during training. Please keep any potentially reactive food contained (nuts, milk, bread, soy, etc). Full meals other than those served at the venue are encouraged to be consumed outside if the weather permits.

If you are behaving irresponsibly, the management will act accordingly. You may be asked to take a break from an event or you may be evicted as a last option.

There will be no EMTs on hand before or after training and games. Skating and all other activity at that time is at your own risk.

To keep prices low, we do not have janitors. Please clean up after yourself.

There are four large team locker rooms and one small locker room with showers. The small locker room will be reserved as private/neutral for those who desire the privacy while the remaining locker rooms will be designated male or female in a ratio matching our attendees.

Sleeping materials should be packed up and placed in cars each morning before classroom classes are scheduled to start.

Bring your own bed (or get a hotel).

If you sign up to volunteer in exchange for reduced attendance costs (including reffing), you are expected to be present and complete your shift.

There are no refunds of registrations but they may be transferred for a small fee. We need to pay the bills once we commit to the numbers.

All games will be played by the WFTDA rules with some possible moderation in period times and number of players on a team.

Some games will be co-ed. A game may be all male (if attendance allows). Most games will be female.

We reserve the right to have different coaches if life interferes.

There is a skate park in Manchester. We’ll be working to arrange some roller skating there if the weather allows.

Games of Cards Against Humanity might get weird. If you don’t have a dirty mind or a dark sense of humor (like really dirty), avoid those game tables.

We cannot guarantee our alternate night time activities but we’ll run (skating-related) movies or karaoke each night if there is interest.